Bell Annealers

International-class heat treatment quality

In 2015, we imported the Austrian EBNER HICON/H2 full hydrogen bell annealing furnace machine, which has accurate temperature and time control system, it improves the quality of products. UCHI is the industry leader in the field, showing the international standards on quality.

Featured introduction

With precise temperature control, varies of metal are manufactured in the same furnace. The mechanical properties and surface quality of metal is improved considerably. UCHI Industrial creates high quality level:

  • High rate of spheroidization.
  • Stable mechanical properties.
  • Perfact wire surfae.
  • No decarbonization phenomenon.
  • Delivery on time.

HICON/H2 hydrogen annealing technology

  • Precise temperature control, excellent gas tightness design.

  • Approximately 100% of spheroidizing annealing treatment.

Achieve extraordinary heat treatment quality

  • No decarbonization phenomenon.

  • No oxide attached and perfect bright of metal surfaace.

Applicable scope

  • Spheroidizing annealing of carbon steel, such as 1018, 1022, 1035.
  • Spheroidizing annealing of baron steel, such as 10B21, 10B33.
  • Spheroidizing annealing of alloy steel and chrome molybdenum alloy steel, such as 35ACR-40ACR, SCM420-SCM440.
  • Other special steels, such as high-carbon steel, linear guide, etc.