The laboratory of our firm has been accredited with A2LA(TESTING CERT #2842.01), so we are capable of offering our customers quality related inspection report with credibility. In order to offer the customers more inspection items, the laboratory will continually purchase related inspection equipment and will be contained in our laboratory accreditation items.

Testing Equipments

Tension Test

Tension Testing Machine tests the anti-pulls strength, subdue strength, extension rate. Understanding the resistance and breaking features helps to control manufacturing process, and keep the strength of steel.

10t Tension Testing Machine
2-5t Tension Testing Machine
Data Analysis
Metallographic Test

Insert steel wire into plastics, through heating and cooling, solidify the material and cut it into pieces for test. After the procedure of cutting, grinding, polishing and pickling, observe the structure by the microscope and analysis it's carbon distribution.

Abrasive Cut-off Machine
mounting press Machine
Precise Grinding Machine
Hardness Test
  • Rockwell hardness test : Press a small iron ball or diamond cone into the test piece, measure the indentation to calculate hardness of material(HB).
  • Vickers hardness test : Press a diamond cone with 136° diagonal into the test piece, measure the diagonal of indentation to calculate hardness of material(HV).
Vickers Hardness Tester
Rockwell Hhardness Tester

Research & Development

UCHI Industrial is professional spheroidizing wire manufacturer and have been accepted with praise from screw manufacturers, metal wire supply screw, machinery screw, construction screw, electronic screw, etc., manufacturing required material, which the quality affects great amount of post-manufacturing industries. To aim at the screw required wire material for different customers to carry out tests and to prove and record the conditions.

Experienced R&D and manufacturing teams and the most advanced software system and hardware equipment, we keep close contact with our customers to plan together the future direction of our products and the timing for development.