UCHI Industrial was established in 1990. Chairman Zhuang Mingxiong rented the factory in Yongkang of Tainan City, and engaged in line generation OEM. He developed the foundation of UCHI industry. In 1999 in Jia Li District of Tainan City (Jiari Industrial Zone), Chairman relocated the factory, updated production equipment, and raised production capacity.

UCHI Industrial is a stable, practical, and responsible company. We grow with our clients, look for high quality products. Earned ISO9001 in 2005, ISO14001 in 2007, OHSAS-18001 in 2008, and A2LA (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) in 2009.

In 2015, UCHI Industrial built new factory (factory B) in Jiari Industrial Zone and imported EBNER HICON/H2. Now we create higher level processing, provide high quality metal wires for high precision industry, such as screws of cars, aerospace parts, precision rails, etc.


Our firm emphasizes on efficiency, technique, quality, service, and competitive ability to give our customers instant, fastest and best service. In order to coordinate with the regulations of the government, we mainly offer good quality and service to our customers. While in the society, we insist in “Earth concern, Life respect, Open minded, Active and forward” to protect the natural environment. We always put the safety and hygienic of the employees as the first priority and to use the minimum work force to achieve the maximum output to guarantee the employees the best benefits.

Customers first

Put the customers as the first priority to provide good quality, while practical operation style, friendly and professional customer service are the core spirit of UCHI Industrial Co., Ltd.

Innovative R&D

Establish a complete patent management system to maintain the industrial competitive ability. To pass ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS-18001, and A2LA.

Insist in Efficiency

In order to meet the customers’ demand and to achieve a balance between quality and quantity, our firm has offered our employees with safer and better working environment, as well as the most advanced equipments to upgrade the working efficiency and output capability.

Care for Earth

Pay attention to environmental protection, set up the goal and target for disposals, wasted gas, discharged water and energy consumption, etc., that might caused environmental impact and to manage with concrete policy to upgrade the environmental quality.


Our firm has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS-18001 and A2LA approvals to aim at the screw required wire material and auto screws bar wire for different customers to carry out tests and to prove and record the conditions. The research items include: the resistance to tensile and pull force of the bar wire, Percent Reduction in Area, Yield strength, percent elogation allowance and squeezing test. The inspection items include: overall inspection of spheroidizing bar wire at pre-manufacturing stage, and then proceed with SPC statistic analysis to continually R&D the best quality for our customers.

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation


UCHI Industrial has confidence to provide high quality and stability products. With excellent technology and equipment, establish good reputation and trust from clients. We create the best benefit and sustainable development with our cooperation partners.