Environmental protection measures

The main target of " green enterprise " is our mission, so we keep carry out energy-saving programs, pollution source prevention and high standard regulations for buildings public security. Our management principle is quality for surviving, security for working environment, and sustainable management.

Air pollution prevention

On air pollution measures, we set up an air exhaustion equipment to collect the wasted gas and acid air in the process of manufacturing to avoid directly discharging the air into the atmosphere.

Disposal wastes treatment

The wastes made from production are mainly the mud from the waste water, we have found a mud reuse professional firm to recycle the mud for reuse.

Water pollution prevention

Industrial wasted water treatment facility include: collect wasted water and purify flow wasted water every day, also, send the wasted water to water quality laboratory for quality control and check if there is any abnormal occurred.

Source minimization

In order to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, we upgrade the equipment and Improve process to reduce the environmental impact and minimize the consumption of resources simultaneously.

Public security control facilities

  • To make the preventive maintenance of company productive equipments, taking care of failures, deviations and reparation. On other hand, we keep improving the production process .and performance.
  • Deliberately carry out risk evaluation to provide a health and safety work environment, and eliminate occupational hazard.

Energy saving

  • Environmental protection and health & safety in work place would always be our first concern regarding to the new investment and product development.
  • Implement the waste heat recovery to reduce environmental load.
  • We have the latest equipment to ensure high- efficient production with low consumption of energy and emission of the wasted heat.